Board Breaking Workshop

  Breaking boards is such an iconic part of Tae Kwon Do that it would be easy to dismiss it as showmanship. But, in reality, being able to break a board is an important skill in Tae Kwon Do requiring both physical skill in the form of proper technique, and mental skill in the form of conquering your fear of injury. And as the number of boards increases, the skill required increases exponentially.

  However, safely breaking a single board is approachable by anyone with a bit of training. In this workshop we will show you how to make a fist, how to punch without injuring yourself, how to aim, and where to strike the board to break it. There will be several exercises to prepare you and then you will have a chance to put your new skills to the test!

  This workshop, and the Fulcrum TKD school is open to anyone age 10+ and up. As a family friendly school, this is a great activity that you can share with your kids. Come early, sign a waiver (adult signature required), and learn how to break a board with your bare hand!

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